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2011-07-20 08:28 pm
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i think that i gone do say im sick say sarah. jessie look at her sister. not that i dont understand you fsay jessie but that would work. mis frosty and mr one eye are on there honeymoon say sarah. and witchout the white witch how wil they find out i lie. mr logan smels lies rember say jessie.

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2011-04-02 03:55 pm
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my sister

jessie look at the grave.she feel a tear on her face.she wip it awey.hallo sarah she said.long time not saw.i have some proples.mutant hate is raisin up again.because of a x men.his name is bishop.yeah the x men realy screw up the last time.she did not know what to say more exept for one thing.

i love you
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2011-04-01 02:17 pm

welcome back home part one

it happends so fast she did not know what happends for 5 seconds. one moment she try do be fast go to her work the next she fly in the sky. she look below her. a smile kwam on her face. she fly.

thank you said the woman. you're welcome said jessie. i can not belive how fast you stop the babby car say the woman. it was like you saw it happing. jessie did not say she saw it happing. before it happing.

grandpa scream dalles happy. his grandpa look at him. look at my shadow say dallas. that did his grandpa. without dallas move the shadow waif to him.