Apr. 2nd, 2011

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it was 3 days since thy came back.jessie, dalles and her.sofia.since she is back jullian was only with her.x 23 was nobody to him she was use to that but it stil hurt.

hai said sofia.x 23 only look at her.you're laura right say she.julian have told me so mucht about you.its x 23 say laura.sofia smiles.

i like laura better.
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kevin feel cessily cold skinn. he smiles.it feel better than selene. i love you he whisperd.i love you to whisperd cessily back.
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julian one thought he was better than human.he was a mutant he was the leader of the hellions.he help defede the blob.he and his team devede the kringmaker.but now he have lost his powers and he was human.

my sister

Apr. 2nd, 2011 03:55 pm
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jessie look at the grave.she feel a tear on her face.she wip it awey.hallo sarah she said.long time not saw.i have some proples.mutant hate is raisin up again.because of a x men.his name is bishop.yeah the x men realy screw up the last time.she did not know what to say more exept for one thing.

i love you
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it was 2 year since the bus was and they lost ther friend.jullian can not believe the others have forget them.they say they go on with ther live but jullian don't care.the only person who was by him was cessily.who crys.jullian hugs her.


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