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2011-09-23 10:58 am


kitty how rogue arm stuck. the bottle fail on the ground. what are you doinge ask rogue. what are you doinge say kitty. youre making a mistake. what do you care say rogue. if im gone you can have bobby. kitty look at her. so thas it. bobby loves you rogue. please dont break his heart
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2011-08-30 03:09 pm
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he look at het her. she look so small.he wish he can help her but she did not tell what happend. the x men told him she wil heal. in the mean time he wacht her suferd
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2011-07-29 01:15 pm
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togeter in death

cessily look at julians body.he just look so pal.she feel de power in her eb away. she lay her ear on the place where his heart was.she hear nothing.for the last time she close her eyes
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2011-07-20 08:40 pm
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cessily look at the photo she have of kevin. she was al the whole day seeking him. but nobody seem do see him.rahne say she saw him in mutant town but that was days ago. she feel in her pocets. good she still have some mony.she have do find a place do sleep
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2011-07-20 08:28 pm
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i think that i gone do say im sick say sarah. jessie look at her sister. not that i dont understand you fsay jessie but that would work. mis frosty and mr one eye are on there honeymoon say sarah. and witchout the white witch how wil they find out i lie. mr logan smels lies rember say jessie.

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2011-04-05 09:53 pm
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he was gone away.he did not need the x men.he have say he good by do his friends.jubelee have told where sofia is and he wonder of he gone seek her. no she have leave him and he did nod need her. he need nobody
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2011-04-05 03:04 pm


she look so alone and sad. kevin know of who she's thinking.her parents.the ones who rejeckt her. the ones who don't deserfd her love. kevin hug her.

i'm here cess.
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2011-04-02 08:54 pm
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the friends we lost

it was 2 year since the bus was and they lost ther friend.jullian can not believe the others have forget them.they say they go on with ther live but jullian don't care.the only person who was by him was cessily.who crys.jullian hugs her.
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2011-04-02 03:55 pm
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my sister

jessie look at the grave.she feel a tear on her face.she wip it awey.hallo sarah she said.long time not saw.i have some proples.mutant hate is raisin up again.because of a x men.his name is bishop.yeah the x men realy screw up the last time.she did not know what to say more exept for one thing.

i love you
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2011-04-02 01:58 pm
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my m day:hellion

julian one thought he was better than human.he was a mutant he was the leader of the hellions.he help defede the blob.he and his team devede the kringmaker.but now he have lost his powers and he was human.
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2011-04-02 11:02 am

always youre's

kevin feel cessily cold skinn. he feel better than selene. i love you he whisperd.i love you to whisperd cessily back.
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2011-04-02 08:23 am

welcome back home part 2

it was 3 days since thy came back.jessie, dalles and her.sofia.since she is back jullian was only with her.x 23 was nobody to him she was use to that but it stil hurt.

hai said sofia.x 23 only look at're laura right say she.julian have told me so mucht about you.its x 23 say laura.sofia smiles.

i like laura better.
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2011-04-01 05:56 pm
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wally look at the man who was bevore robin he ask.not anymory old buddy say dick. its do i look. wally want do say someting but he can't.instand he did what he always did. he run.
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2011-04-01 03:58 pm

who will win

they don't get alonge say babara.julian get in a lot of fights say cessily.jason to say babara.on who put you youre monny strong is jason say cessily.he is traind by batman answerd babara.i go for a draw say cessily.
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2011-04-01 02:17 pm

welcome back home part one

it happends so fast she did not know what happends for 5 seconds. one moment she try do be fast go to her work the next she fly in the sky. she look below her. a smile kwam on her face. she fly.

thank you said the woman. you're welcome said jessie. i can not belive how fast you stop the babby car say the woman. it was like you saw it happing. jessie did not say she saw it happing. before it happing.

grandpa scream dalles happy. his grandpa look at him. look at my shadow say dallas. that did his grandpa. without dallas move the shadow waif to him.